I can log in with iPad 7 but not iPhone 12. Have done all the updates to the app on both devices and firmware updates I was told to do. Have tried deleting and reinstalling app many times with no success. I keep getting login error. Can’t connect to server. Please try again.

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Have you tried resetting your password?

I had a similar issue a while back ago, reset my password and it resolved the issue.

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I tried but no luck. I clicked on reset password, it emailed me a code, I entered the code then a new password but got stopped right there with login error. Very frustrating.

Any chance you have a space at the end of your username/ login name? (Email address)

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No space in my email address. I deleted it and re-entered on my phone and it was correct but still no login. I just bought the cam a few days ago and tried so many times unsuccessfully to set it up with my iPhone with no success. When I then tried with my iPad it was instant. App is updated and firmware current as well.

same userid and password gives you access at wyze.com. I would recommend going there and changing the password. Then log out on the ipad and back in with the new password.

then try the phone.

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While I did try changing my password, it didn’t help. I can log in on my PC no problem and my iPad 7 works great. Just for fun I tried setting up on my wife’s iPhone 11 and logged in easily. Now I’m starting to think there is something in my iPhone 12 causing the problem. Everything is on the same network.

If you’re running a VPN on your iPhone 12, try turning it off.

Also… go to iOS Settings on your phone > Wi-Fi > tap ios13-info-icon to the right of your AP’s SSID > toggle “Private Address” off.

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Bingo! You’re a genius. I have Express VPN but was turned off however when I wen in to Settings, I saw VPN was ON. Logged in no problem. Many thanks!


No problem… glad you’re up and running. :smiley: And welcome to the Wyze forum! :+1:

Locked into the internal Knowledge base :smiley: for next time
Thank you @Seapup

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No prob… attempts to obfuscate identity/location will eventually uncover routing issues across some networks. :+1: