Log file too big

I have tried to submit support tickets for the last couple of days, but every time I try, the email message is larger than Gmails maximum size limit, and the email errors and is never sent. The zipped log file is to big (over 30 MB), that appears to be causing the problem

How does one submit a support ticket when the log file is too big?

Is there a way to reduce the size of the log file?

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You could try clearing your app cache data and see if that helps any?

I didn’t know Gmail had that small of a email requirement.

Doesn’t clearing the app cache also erase all of your camera videos from the devices Album?

I am not sure on that I clear mine all the time but I am on Apple devices.

Cleared the cache in the app, but still get the error: message to big.

I’m running Android 6.0.1 on a Galaxy Tab S

Send the ticket in and ask them if there is an alternative method to submit it. You could always win zip from a PC. It might compress it a bit more. @Loki might know another method as well.

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Did just that.

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I am having the same problem Gmail says File is over 25 megabytes Tried to send 3 different days .
I tryed selecting different Cameras and sending but the same problem .

So I’m assuming the log file is stored inside the camera. Not sure how to clear it, other than maybe to return the camera to factory defaults? In any case, IMO the firmware should never be allowed to let the log file exceed what most email programs will allow for attachments. I think my Comcast is 25 MB too. So developers, take note.

cornarch51, did support give you a solution?

I don’t understand why this is happening now When it hasn’t been like that over the past year .
If I do a factory reset I assume the logs would be gone anyway ,

Yep, they’d be gone if that works. But the next time you run into the problem you’d have a log you could send.

Maybe , the thing is I really don’t want to go around Take cameras down and Factory reset 12 cameras

Hence my question to cornarch51. BTW, I wasn’t making that recommendation, I was just guessing that was a possible solution.

I know

The one time I sent it anyway but there was No file Just a log number

I’ve seen developers only ask for a hardware address for problems you report; it’s possible they can grab the log file remotely.

The agent that I am working with Did not know why Either And said she would check it out

You’re taxing my poor memory. Reading the past posts, it looks like I zipped the log file on my PC and it shrunk it enough to submit. If I remember correctly, I was trying to submit the log file on another issue when I ran into this email problem. I don’t recall that I submitted a support ticket for this email problem.

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Interesting. I found a .txt log on my SD card today. It was 1.2 MB in size, so I tried to open it on my Mac with TextEdit and MS Word. It crashed them both. Although it crashed Word, I still saw the first page of the file. NOT a .txt file!

So it may use the SD card to store the log when a SD card is present. If so, reformatting the SD card will eliminate the log file, then hopefully when you see the problem again the log file will be smaller.

This much effort should not be necessary, Devs! :frowning_face:

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