Lock firmware upgrade fails

When I pressed ‘Update’ for the first time to upgrade the firmware from to, the firmware upgrade process started successfully, but ended up with failure. Since then, upgrade process won’t even start if I press ‘Update’ again. It will keep saying “You must be near the lock.” even if the phone is one inch away from the lock. What should I do?

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Same problem. Trying to calibrate and the app says I must be near the lock but I’m right next to it!

Weird but it works now. I didn’t do anything special like Wyze app update. I followed the same procedure and it worked this time.

For the life of me, I’m unable to upg. Get same regardless of what i do. reboot phone, airplane mode on/off, 1" to 12" to 6’ away. Samsung S8. Help? I want this fix on this lock asap. Tired of recalibrating and Alexa not working except once.

Found this while trying to solve the same problem. In my case, unplugging the lock wall-wart gateway and plugging it back in fixed it

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