Lock Bolt Tries to Auto Lock

I have the Lock Bolt configured with:

Auto-Lock: OFF
Auto-Unlock: OFF

and yet often when I exit/arrive the door tries to auto-lock. I don’t want it ever to auto-lock or auto-unlock.

The door does not sit well, so you have to pull on it to manually lock the door. This means that a few times a day the door jam alarm goes off.

This buggy device is super frustrating. It shouldn’t ever try to lock my door on its own.

Open the lockbolt. Go to settings (the gear icon). Select Auto-lock. Toggle it off.

I would consider fixing the door alignment anyway. It is usually worth the effort. There are lots of walkthrough videos online that will show you how to easily do it yourself.

Either way, just turning off Auto-lock will solve your primary concern.

Thanks for the help, but as I said in my first sentence, all ‘auto’ setting are already OFF.

The lock is ignoring these settings and attempting to lock the door anyway.

So, in case anyone has a similar issue, after replacing my low batteries the problem has not occurred again.

Not likely that a low battery would cause the Lock Bolt to lock when it shouldn’t, but the fact that the batteries were removed and the Bolt must of restarted with the configuration settings properly in sync.