Location rules never work

What gives? I have location services turned on to Always on my iPhone 8, I have rules for v3’s , air purifier , light strips , bulbs , yet none of the location trigger rules ever execute?!

It’s been like this for months now . Any help? Thanks

For what it’s worth, location rules seem to be problematic for many apps. Wyze seems to be particularly erratic. SmartThings seems to work most of the time, as does IFTTT.

Any help anyone ?

I have “return to clean air” turned on for my air purifier , yet it never turns it off when I’m leaving or turns it on when I’m arriving to my house.

I have 3 location rules to trigger on a wyze bulb, light strip , and a v3 yet the rules NEVER execute.

I have my location set to always on the wyze app, yet the location rules never work.

I have a smart window ac unit , I have geo fencing turned on to that unit and it turns on/off the unit when I’m arriving/leaving. It works perfectly, it’s a midea ac unit.

So I know it’s not my phone , it’s gotta be in wyze’s end. Any help here , I’m at my wits end , it’s been like this for over 7 months .

Since you have your AC working with location and Wyze doesn’t, do you have access to IFTTT? You could setup a test with that (applet with location to turn on Wyze device.)

I don’t use IFTTT.

Location rules used to work , now they’ve gotten worse.

I’m trying to get Wyze to look into this matter, geo fencing should work!

I don’t disagree. But, as you well know, Wyze doesn’t do much here. You need to get one of the employees to engage or get the Mavens to intervene. I didn’t check discord, have you posted there as well? Seems the Wyze folks are more active there.