Location Rules History is out of whack

I have location rules set up so when I am within 500ft from the cameras to turn on/off depending if I’m leaving or entering the area. Yesterday (some other times too) I did exit and enter the area two hours apart and the rule did not activate. However, the history shows that it did. How is this possible?

In the rules history click the entry for your rule and it will show the actions and their status. See if it says why it failed. Maybe send a screenshot

Ooops, a bit to late. Just a minute ago, I cleared the history :blush:

As I remember correctly, it was showing successful, that is why I started the post.

I had to step out and the rule did not kick in, neither when leaving or entering the area. What is weird is that the history this time is showing the exit rule as successful but nothing about the entry rule. I had to manually turn the cameras on and off using push button rules.