Location Rules Are Unreliable

Either the location rules are unreliable or my iPhone has a much more interesting life than I do. My away rule triggered around 1am while I was sound asleep. I have a similar rule in my SmartThings setup which didn’t trigger.

Interesting, wonder if this could be caused by a funky transmission of GPS.

I am the only one with access to the Wyze account in my home but if more than one person had the same account logged in on different phones, the movement of one may trigger.

Some of my rules have worked well, cameras on when I leave, off when I return and some have been challenged. I did just notice there is no longer a beta tag on the location rules

I’m the only one with access. Just found it humorous that I was away at that time. My rules work most of the time.

Just me rambling thoughts…

But your phone totally made it to the club without you.


I was born one mornin’ when the sun didn’t shine
I remember my mama was a-gone at the time

Homer & Jethro’s version of “Sixteen Tons”

Saint Peter, don’t you holler for me today
Cause I’m a-diggin’ the other way