Locally saved CMC

you will only get videos longer than 12s if you subscribe to CMC. if you don’t, you’re limited to the 12s videos only.

my request is an alternative for people who want to have the CMC clips without paying for the subscription. from my understanding, they justified the subscription price in the Q&A to offering unlimited longer videos available in the cloud,

did i make myself clearer now?

You’re clearly wrong. Stop writing for a while and try it yourself, view any one of your cameras with an SD card and press, “View Playback”. You’ll see a CMC recording.

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it’s weird because since i bought i never got any video longer than 12 seconds. it always chop at 12s even if the motion is still happening.

maybe a firmware bug then?
i am on the latest firmware:

In the Events section, yes, it’s limited to the 12-second videos. In the Playback section, no. It’s only limited by the size of your SD card.

You can also click directly from the 12-second video to the longer clip on the SD card in the Playback section. And if you have the SD card set to event recording instead of continuous, it will be easy to jump because the card will only include recordings from minutes in which motion is detected.

Well, so to speak, anyway. This might be a confusing way to say it, since that’s the official name of the cloud service. Haha

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When recording events only to the microSD card it records 1-minute videos, if there is motion in the 1-minute it keeps it, if not it deletes it. The microSD card videos are only found by hitting the view playback button in the live video window.


This happens all the time and is due to ambiguous terms, biggest of which is “Events”. Should have been labelled “Cloud” or something similar. “Events” apply to both cloud and local recording, leading to confusion like this thread.

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interesting. i noticed continuous recording is based on minute length videos but i didn’t know event videos could surpass that barrier. from what you said, it seems if i switch to event based only, i could have videos going from 15:31:25 to 15:32:24, ehich i didn’t know it was possible. i guess i’ll have to make some experiments to try this out and confirm.

right now i use continuous video + the motion clips, and what i get is the 12s chopped videos and the minute chopped videos (e.g 15:30:00 to 15:30:59).

No. With event-only SD card recording, If you had a motion event that lasted from 15:31:25 to 15:32:24, you’d have two one-minute clips saved on your SD card, from 15:31:00-15:31:59 and 15:32:00-15:32:59

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On events only the videos will still be 00 to 59, but if there is motion anywhere in that time it will save the whole minute.


thanks for your feedback guys. i’ll do some homework here and experiment those things and see how it goes. based on my understanding of what you said, if we don’t want to pay for CMC we can still get a close enough experience.

i’ll try out and close the topic if we’re there :slight_smile:

thanks for your prompt answers. they were much appreciated.


With an SD card, the ability to view full motion video events will be similar as with CMC, yes. The primary difference is notification cooldown and, of course, the fact that the videos are stored in the cloud.


So if I don’t care about notifications and the camera is out of reach, an SD card on Event Recording is essentially CMC?

And if the camera is within reach CMC is essentially digital insurance for the recording.

Hello @john.esher and welcome to the community.

As long as you do not care about the notifications then yes SD card event recording is essentially CMC

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Some reading for y’all
# Wyze Services


Sometimes, you get a notification, too; just one, if the event happens to be the beginning of the cooldown period. If you don’t get a notification, then there is at least one recent notification. Use it as a starting point.

For this to really work, I suggest recording event-only. If not, you’ll get frustrated searching for the important events.

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This is almost equivalent to RTSP and/or NAS function.

I think we should wish for Wyze to drive the development of the RTSP firmware as an alternative Offline/LAN only firmware which will feature bare minimum of RTSP/NAS function and motion detection only.

I know that internet had become a necessity on every home nowadays, but not everyone have fast and reliable internet connection and also not all people want their data floating on the cloud, security and privacy wise. It’s good to have an easy way to share online something nice, funny or scary that happened in your home, but I don’t think everybody wants to live on “Big Brother’s” house.

The Wyze guide posted above was helpful in explaining the ins and outs of SD recording, but I have one additional question:

If a camera is subscribed to CMC service, and it Has an SD card installed, does the 5 minute cool down between videos still affect the locally stored SD card videos, or does subscribing to CMC turn the cool down period off globally on that camera?

The 5 minute cool down never affects the SD recording, because that function is completely separate.

There are three kinds of recording available in the Wyze app:

  1. Cloud motion/sound event: These are enabled in the camera settings (gear icon) > Event Recording. Also make sure that the Detection Zone under Detection Settings is not missing the area of motion. These are played back in the Events tab.
  2. microSD card recording: This is enabled in Advanced Settings > Local Storage and can be set to continuous or event only recording. This is played back by pressing the View Playback button on the live stream. This is completely independent from #1.
  3. Record button on live stream or playback: This saves to your phone’s camera roll or gallery, in real time, whatever is being played in the live stream or view playback. Note that it isn’t available when playing cloud events. It is viewed by tapping More and then the Album button, or by leaving the Wyze app and viewing the Wyze album in your phone’s photos or gallery app. This type of recording ceases when you leave the Wyze app.

More info on setting these up can be found in the Support Site.