Local store shows 14.2G/14.9G, but playback says no SD card installed

Started configuring my first (V2) Wysecam. Initially, I could not enable local recording because it said there was no SD card. After the FW update and running format, local storage shows 14.27GB / 14.82GB, but when I click the micro SD card icon labeled Playback under an event, it says “no micro SD card installed in camera”.

Why would format work but not local recording to the SD card? After format it shows 14.82GB/14.82GB available, so clearly some local recording must have been happening for it to drop to 14.27GB.

Some people have had good luck but I recommend you give up now, pretend the card isn’t there, and move on as if the camera doesn’t offer an SD card feature at all. It will save you a LOT of grief.


it is a known problem with 156 firmware. and more.
submit a report through your app to Wyze.

or you can flash bk to last version of firmware.

The 156 FW was what got it working though, at least on my camera.