Local pheasant visit on Wyzecam v.3

Our local pheasant came to visit after we put scratch out for the chickens.


I have a home for that pheasant, my Weber grill.


It’s funny watching him. At times, he’ll stand around amidst the chickens acting nonchalantly, like “don’t pay attention to me; I’m just a colorful chicken”. :rofl:


Nice ring neck! I do agree with @Antonius, the video made my mouth water.

Getting harder and harder around here to bag a pheasant.

Is that bird wild? Or tame? If it’s your pet, I apologize. If it’s wild, well, please send it my way!

(Ok, ok, I know. How could I dare think that. Well, you don’t eat living cows and chickens, do you? Even vegetarians kill plants.)

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He’s mostly wild. A local farmer raised them a number of years back, then either let them go, or they escaped. This one has been in the vicinity of our farm for a number of years. You’ll hear him calling every now and then pop up in the local pastures, or see him running through a neighbor’s yard. It’s amazing that dogs or the local coyotes haven’t gotten him. Smart one, I’ll give him that! But I haven’t seen any female pheasants around, so I’m not sure of his long term survival.
Never tried pheasant; I’ve had other game birds, as well as our own chickens. This guy? I like seeing him play-acting as a chicken :slight_smile:

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