LiveStream move/sort/hide Unplaying streams on Wyze Web View

When viewing the live stream, it would be nice if you could hide unplaying streams, or just sort the display so that playing streams are at the top. This can already be done by using chromes dev tools and just hid the div’s that i dont want to see.

I see that the “groups” option is coming soon but if I have cameras all around my house and sorted in their groups, but have an instance where i want to see one or two cams from multiple groups, the live stream site is really the only way to do that currently but the issue is all the other non-playing steams are there.

Even if it was just a toggle at the top to collapse that specific stream, or something similar. This would just be a typescript/javascript style change on the webpage itself, no new infrastructure or anthing else is required.

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Had not thought about doing that, but with about 40 cameras, that would be a royal pain!
Yes, groups work - sort of. Unfortunately they are the groups as set up in the app on the phone, and you are right, it is common to want to see cameras in multiple groups. The other problem with groups is it is VERY common for it to forget that you are watching a group and goes back to seeing all the cameras - sometimes every few minutes.