Live viewing of five cams by five apps, each app viewing one cam

It’s funny you mention mesh systems. I bought the netgear Orbi. It was a model bigger than I needed for this size house but I figured what the heck it was on sale. I check and one satellite always has 0-2 devices. So I thinking of moving it to the garage. I can tack the wire to the wall and put it on a existing shelf. This would increase my WiFi in garage and outside. Thoughts? Concerns?

I don’t know about the Orbi - I use the Eero, but with it running an access point via cable seems to be an excellent way of providing longer-than-possible coverage via wifi. You should wind up with what I would imagine would be a good localized mini- wifi Zone. If you’re out of range of the main wifi i imagine you will lose any mesh capabilities, but I’ve never tried this.
Talking about nodes&connected-devices, I don’t understand the logic the mesh uses regarding which devices attach to what node. I will have a device in the same room with a node and it will be connected to another node 3 rooms away. Bottom line though- I get excellent signal strength to all my devices. So- I’m happy!

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EXACTLY! I have a Roku tv in the room with zero devices on it. It connected to the one a floor above. Lol.

Lutron uses a low frequency band to communicate with their switches from the bridge. It doesn’t interfere with Wi-Fi spectrum at all.

FCC 15.231: A brief description
• Devices are relatively low power (fractions of a watt). This reduces the possibility of interference between adjacent systems
and eases the power supply
requirements of a product.
• Devices may not transmit
continuously. Generally speaking, all activity is driven by user action (like pressing a button), which further reduces the likeli- hood of interference.
• Devices may not poll or generate periodic transmissions. There
is a 5-second maximum event time after pressing a button.
• Devices in this band include garage door openers, security sensors, and car key fobs.
Benefits of 15.231
• Band is essentially silent. • Plenty of frequency room
available, ~170 MHz;
overcrowding is not foreseeable. • The band has a long and
stable history with respect
to regulatory changes.
• No proposed rule changes.
• Bands with similar definitions
were available globally
by other governments’ telecommunications authorities.

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The best Wi-Fi system I have seen so far is the Ubiquiti Dream Machine and FlexHD-AC Access Points. I can actually look at an event log and see devices roaming from room A to Room B as people move around the house. Devices will still hook on to the “wrong” room if I power cycled an AP in a room and there is some signal from an adjacent AP in another room.

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Ya that’s why I went Lutron. I went with Insteon for their in wall outlets but their system and backend aren’t nearly as advanced. Their app is horrendous.

Lutron has a plugIn outlet that they say to use on lamps only. It accepts 600 watts so I use it to plug in my router and my internet Poe box which come to 36 watts. If WiFi goes out which happens often out here in the country, I don’t have to go down and unplug the Poe and plug it back in. I simply shut off the Lutron outlet. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on. It reboots the Poe and router. Much easier. I’m disabled so I have the remote stuck to my bedside table.

With my Netgear Orbi I can see devices moving from one satellite to another also. When my wife is in her yoga room in the basement I can see her on that satellite and then when she comes upstairs I can see her leave that satellite and join the satellite in the living room. It’s instantaneous. Very cool. I find all this stuff fascinating and fun to play with when I feel good.

I have an Orbi with two satellites at one home and it is good, but it pales compared to the UDM and UniFi app in terms of sophistication. I have one more house to upgrade and I plan to install a UDM or UDM Pro there.

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Another thing you might try is looking up a setting called Airtime Fairness on your router. If the router has it, change it and see if the connections are more stable.


sounds like a throughput issue. upgrade the wifi router or if you have muliple wifi routers connected to a physical switch, you may need to upgrade your physical switch.