Live View Fullscreen mode crops the image

Not sure if this is a known issue or not since I don’t see a sticky post or a Known Issues list for Live View, but when I’m in Chrome and I click to go into fullscreen mode for a camera, the image it shows me gets cropped. I can’t see the Wyze logo or datestamp on the bottom, I can’t see a bit on the top and right of the image either. There are scrollbars on the screen but they don’t seem to function. I mainly want to see the timestamp so i can verify that it’s still moving and nothing has frozen up.

Here’s an image showing the thumbnail view and which portions of the image are cropped off when I go to fullscreen mode.

Is there anyway to actually get the full picture in the window other than putting my entire browser into fullscreen mode and losing all my tabs and things?


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So here is what I have found using chrome, wanted to show the differences and what one can expect:

This image is the Thumbnail image on the main Live View Screen
Screenshot 2022-01-05 1.17.30 PM

This is the Expanded View bu clicking the Full View option. Note: My Default Zoom is 80% for the Live View in Chrome.

I simply went to the Zoom line in Chrome Setting area and set it to 400%, notice the Text and Black Backing expanded and covered the image, which did nt expand.

This is the Chrome Setting screen where you can see the 80%. However, when you click on the Sqare icon to the right of that, the next image will show Full Browser View

This is the Full Browser View, notice that the image is fully displayed with no cut-offs.


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