Live TV Notifications

I know there have been several strings relating to the need for apps for smart TVs. This is a similar request, but wanted to share what I would ultimately like to see if/when Wyze Cam explores this option. I would love to have the option for the live feed to pop up in a smaller notification box in one of the corners of the screen while we are watching TV. For instance, my family and I decide to have a movie night and we order pizza, but don’t want to wait to start the movie until the food arrives. We start watching the movie and 10 minutes into the movie we get a small screen that pops up in the corner of the live feed from the camera looking at our driveway with the pizza delivery car driving in while the movie continues to play. We then know who is coming and it gives my wife and I a moment to get our wallet out and get the kids ready for the food to come. When the movement has left the screen, it disappears. I also have another at our front door and it would be a great feature to see multiple cameras at once. So I could have the movie playing, one small live feed screen of the driveway with the running car and one at the front door of the delivery person waiting with our pizza. All while the movie continues to play in the background so nothing is interrupted.

This is just one scenario, think about how this would impact a burglary situation. God forbid your watching TV and someone decides to break in while you’re home. At least you would have an awareness if they were on camera to give everyone a moment to realize what is happening rather than the element of surprise the robber would be hoping for. This could potentially save someone’s life if they were given a moment to react ahead of time.

This is just my take on a feature I would love to have and originally what I was looking for, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has it in the smart cam industry at the moment.

There are no current plans for smart TV integration, but I’ve added your request to Wyze’s feature request tracker.