Live stream turning off by itself or losing audio

I am using the camera for a baby monitor and everything works great except the live stream will turn off in the middle of the night. When I wake up and look at the camera it just shows a thumbnail from when the stream stopped. We have also experienced it disabling the audio during a stream unexpectedly. When you try to click the audio icon to toggle it back on it wont turn back in until you close the app completely and reopen it. We have set our phones for the screen to remain on at all times when plugged in using the developer options. Not sure what to do to keep the live stream on at all times while the app in open ? It’s as if there is no movement when baby is sleeping and it times out or something. We have a samsung galaxy s9+ and a Samsung galaxy note 8. We also use our smart TV using an Amazon fire stick using the app tiny cam pro. We have experienced these issues on all three platforms. Please help.

Hello Blib,

Are you able to monitor what happens when the live stream turns off? I’ll need this information to help you troubleshoot further.

Also, welcome to the forums and I appreciate your patience.


Same here. When live stream stops the audio stops as well.

I have the same issue. I use my kindle fire 8 as a dedicated parent unit and it stops in the middle of the night.