Live Stream shows blank page on tablet

Live stream on my V3 shows a blank page when I click on it. It has been working fine for the last few years and then a few days ago it opens with a white blank page on my tablet but works fine on my cellphone? I have uninstalled ,cleared cache ,shut down, restarted problem still persists.
After hours of trying to figure this out, I clicked on “enable hardware decoder” and it opened up live stream. I never had this enabled before. Is anyone else having the same issue? Running Android 10 on Lenovo tab

Bunch of reports in the last day or so.

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Hi Sara, are you using the wyzebeta app on Android 10? Could you please help me submit a log so I can report to the team?


Unable to submit log - the Submit Log button disappears. Just a blank white screen that never clears by itself. This on any camera on my Android 10 based Moto g(7) power.
Unknown if related, but started at the same time - opening any camera group immediately crashes the app.
v2.32.0 (b148)