Live stream not working

Why does my live stream freeze within 10 seconds of using it or not connect at all. I have 2 of the 3 bars for connection and using Ethernet not WiFi. Only works when I’m on WiFi and my cell service has all 4 bars when I turn WiFi off…

All 4 cams having Live streaming issues. It freezes instantly when not using WiFi. Have full cell service and no good. It only work on WiFi. I’m using Ethernet cord so should have no issue. I have 2 of the 3 bars for signal also on the base station.

Let’s start off with: what cameras?

Next, what device or devices are you trying to watch with? You mention cell, WiFi, and Ethernet connectivity (I assume not on the same device).

The base is hard wired with Ethernet cable. When using WiFi at home it works fine but soon as I turn it off the cameras freeze on shows 0kb/s. I have 4 outdoor cameras. Today it’s working better but I’ll see this afternoon/evening when it really shuts down on me. I’ve tried signing in and out, turning cameras on/off, and re syncing them already.

Hello @21alex16! Could you let me know the timeframe when you got a bad connection and send me an app log please?

“When using WiFi at home it works fine but soon as I turn it off the cameras freeze on shows 0kb/s.”

What are you turning off ? The base needs to be connected either with the ethernet or you can switch it to WI-Fi and disconnect the ethernet if your network is providing a good signal to the base. The cams won’t work without a signal from the base.

When I turn WiFi off on the phone it doesn’t work. The base is connected with Ethernet cord at all time

What kind of Phone. I have an iPhone with cellular data (Verizon) and Wi-Fi turned on. When I leave home and loose my home wi-fi signal I can still see all 5 of my cameras if I am 1 mile away or 3,000 miles away if I have a cell data signal.