Live stream not hooking up to Cellular data

Mine now works as well. Customer service is amazing. It’s nice to know a company listens to their customers and put out post and responds to their customers issues. Great job and thank you


It should be working now. If you keep having problem, please reply in this post. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Don’t have all the issue details yet. Wyze will update later.


I echo the thanks to the tech support team for the updates and weekend fix.


Wow yes!! That’s a fast resolution. Really impressed with your teams ability to find the issue and resolve so soon. As a new customer as of yesterday, I am very thankful to see such great customer service and amazing tech support. I’m assuming some folks had to work longer hours to resolve on a Saturday night. Thank you to all who worked through this.


Great job guys, it works!


@joeysugay, you are someone who had had the problem for awhile. Did this fix it for you?

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I left town yesterday and catching up on this forum
It seems mine STILL DOEs NOT WORK via cellular data. LTE

did yours work via cellular? i am at a MacDonalds restaurant and connected to the Wifi and this works, however when using my cellular it stills tries to connect forever.

Error code 0 while on Celluar, still does not work for me.

@Loki Support did not offer me a replacement
I have1 Cam PAN and 4 V2

I just tested it today and still not working for me

Ran out of posts yesterday so I’m late to the party. Thanks for the quick resolution Wyze team.

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Do you have a blinking blue light on any of the cameras? If not, this sounds like a Firewall issue on your local network work.

@joeysugay, did you re-setup your cams yet?

Hi @joeysugay, your issue seems to be a separate issue other than everyone else. We definitely would like to follow up. We are chasing this kind of one-off issues. When did it first happen? Is the LED light still flashing blue?

Agreed. I really appreciate the work on this.

i have the same issue here , just got my all my cams installed , and am not able to stream any of the cameras on my cellular data , and in any other wifi that is different from the same wifi they are connected to . works perfectly only when on the same wifi .

Please Advise ASAP

Hi @husamtohamee and @joeysugay, we will follow up with you separately on your issues. Please expect private messages from us next week. We will appreciate your time to help us identify the issues. Thanks in advance!

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That will be great but i will be out of the country for a month starting on Tuesday Aug 13
before i leave, i will send you a log file.

it is really unfortunate thinking i will not see my home while away on cellular.
thanks maybe when im back leave me a private message and a number to call you i can give you access to my cameras at home however not in the office.

Please let me know , as i am expecting more cameras to come , and if this is an issues that cant be resolved ;then this actually Defeat the my main purpose of having to install these cameras .


@husamtohamee Have you tried the steps listed here: