Live Playback Continues Upon Exit


I’m currently on app v2.11.40. All my Wyze Cameras are v2. I have this issue where I enter a livestream, but when I exit it, it still continues playback in the background - I can hear the audio coming through the speakers. The playback continues even when I exit the app. I have to go into another live stream and exit to end both streams. It doesn’t happen every time, but possibly 1 in 3 times.

Does anyone else face this issue? If yes, is there an easy fix?


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To clarify, is this coming out of the speakers of the camera or your phone?

Can you confirm the firmware version you’re using with those v2 devices?

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Firmware was just updated to version on all the devices, and the issue persists. The audio continues to play through the phone speakers.

In essence, the live-feed is still playing on the phone in the background even though I have exited the app. I can hear the audio from the live-stream, but naturally cannot see the video as I have exited the live-playback interface. Upon relaunch of the app, I am presented with the home-screen with the thumbnails of all the cameras, all the while a livestream continues to play in the background.