Hi all - is anyone having issues using the LIGHTUPMYLIFE code? I am trying to enter the code but get this error message: ‘LIGHTUPMYLIFE’ DOES NOT EXIST!

My understanding was that the code was effective until June 1.

I used it yesterday, no issues then.

Welcome to the Wyze community JJL1. Unfortunately, the supply of bulbs for this promotion has been exhausted.

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Me too. I tried and it gave me the same error. What’s worse, the automated “help” wasn’t of much help. I spent half an hour messing with it until I decide to check the forum. Is there some human help for us?

OK, I just saw the above post. I wish, may be in the future, that when you make such decision, at least change the error message to say it ran out, and maybe also modify your support help system, so that your potential customers don’t have to waste so much time attempting to get in to the promo? I hope you’ll consider our feelings in your post-mortem analysis.


I’m not a Wyze employee… just a fellow Wyze user. I do understand your frustration and disappointment and will send your excellent suggestion up the chain. Thank you for sharing! :+1: Ideas help make this a better place for us all.


I am trying to purchase and use the coupon code LIGHTUPMYLIFE. It isn’t being accepted. Can someone else place a test order and see if they are having the same issue?

Welcome to the Wyze community Matthew. Unfortunately, the supply of bulbs for this promotion has been exhausted.


Ok. Thank you. I will wait for the next promotion then


I just put an order in on 5/28/20 and tried to put the “LIGHTUPMYLIFE” code from my email for free bulbs. NONE got added at checkout. Just checked my email confirmation and still no free bulbs. I would’ve ordered more but don’t like being lied to.

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I tried also and this code does not work.

Does not work!!

Gwen posted on the FB core group that the promo supplies ran out.

After reading the fine print, I did see "while supplies last ". I was hoping that Wyze was a "different " kind of a company. It would have left a better impression to have my order delayed and fulfill the promotion than to do what "other " companies do. Maybe even an email telling us customers that the promo had been turned off. I could have considered possibly ordering from Amazon and get free shipping.

I did order from amazon, cheaper.

OMFG. I am so irritated right now. Been holding back on placing my order to make sure everything was right for a new place and I get this when trying to place a sizable order. Holy smokes. Back to Amazon and probably simplisafe.

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Ordering from amazon has a long delay in shipping though if you’re willing to wait…

Me too getting: ‘LIGHTUPMYLIFE’ DOES NOT EXIST!. Instead it should have said “WE R OUT OF STOCK ON THE BULBS”. Was trying to place an order worth $ 100. Will hold off now & go via Amazon.

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Shipping is very slow through amazon. Expect at least 2 weeks.

so i tried the code yesterday and it said it was invalid, LIGHTUPMYLIFE
it supposed to expire tonight, 11:59 PST, 6-1-2020
i used this code once before 2 weeks ago

anyone? Wyze?
i wanted to buy more stuff
if i can use code, i will buy
if i can’t use code, i will not buy :slight_smile: