Light strip and motion

So I’ve setup the light strip pro in my garage and wanted to use my v2 camera as a motion sensor to turn the lights on, there is an option for this in the app but it doesn’t work and even if it did, there’s no way to turn the lights off if there’s no motion, so I’m looking for an alternative, I was considering a wyze motion sensor, but realized there’s a monthly service charge to use these? And I believe there would still be no way to turn them off with no motion. So I’m thinking maybe another brand motion sensor with a smart plug to turn on and off? Sucks I have to jump through all these hoops, when I already have the proper equipment

Welcome to the forum @Jklovett71!

With the Wyze motion sensor (connected to the HMS hub) you can turn the lights off if motion is clear and can set an “all clear” time as well. That is what is lacking in the camera triggers is If motion is clear,

There is a wishlist item for an Motion Clear option on the Cameras, give it a vote… I just did. It makes sense to have and I never thought about it until just now (your question) :wink:

Not knowing your needs or means, the HMS system with accessories can be a really good value if you ever want to expand, I would take a look at the cost of your alternative solution then price it out against the HMS system and what your future needs are as well.

If you go with an annual package (60 dollars) you get the hub free and can add on accessories as needed. And do not have to turn on the monitoring if you don’t want to use it…

I would also be willing to bet there will be some savings over the next few weeks with the holiday shopping.