Light Bulb + Contact Sensor Speed


I have a Wyze bulb that I have set to turn on when my basement door opens. Before I set it up this way, I was using a motion sensor, but it seems to be so slow, that I immediately wanted to just turn on the light manually.

I switched to a contact sensor because these seem to activate the lights more quickly. I have one in my garage that is almost instant. Yet, there still seems to be a long delay before the light turns on.

Also, originally I was using a bridge that may have been too far away. I switched it with a bridge that is two feet away, but it did no seem to help.

Any ideas? Thoughts? Or maybe this is just the way it is :slight_smile:.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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In my experience, it varies. I’ve got a contact sensor on my front door that turns on 3 living room lamps when it opens. Usually the lights turn on within ~1-2 seconds, but occasionally, it’s 5 seconds or more. Sometimes two of them will turn on almost immediately, and the third one will lag behind by 1-2 seconds. Everything is happening over the internet, so there are just a lot of variables. Could be your router, could be their server, could be your ISP, some combination of everything, etc.

Certainly, making sure that your camera has a good signal and that the sensors are close to the bridge can help.

You mentioned that another one works more quickly, and that the slow one is in your basement. This may be related to temperature. If your basement tends to be colder than the rest of the house, the battery response time may be slower.

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