LIfe with Wyze used to be bliss

Everything Wyze worked great a few months ago… When the dog started barking, I could pull up the front porch cam and see what was up. My home office doesn’t have access to to the windows on the front of the house. Opening any of my cameras was starting the app and selecting the camera. It just worked. Seems like it started with all the new firmware and app updates. I kept waiting on the next one to fix the issue. Force stopping the app rebooting the cameras seem to work for for 15 minutes, but I’m tiered of jumping through hoops just to see what the dog is barking at, but my real concern is my 3d printers. I watch them remotely in the house to ensure things are going good, if not, I can shut them down with another brand smart-plug. I also have light bulbs in groups to where 1 or the other loses it’s self.
These days I’ll go into the app and have “+ New Device” in the middle of the screen. Those times, I have learned to give-up on the devices and go on to something else, eventually they will show-up.
Can I build a Wyze server in my house, and have it report to your server all the private data that you already collect? I’m thinking a Raspberry Pi should work.

What is wrong? How can I fix it easily? I don’t want to go through a bunch of unnecessary testing. I’ve been through different troubleshooting steps for your products, didn’t work. I also really don’t want to factory reset all my cameras, light bulbs and door locks. I primarily use a Pixel 4 and occasionally Android tablet, both worked like a champ, now neither do. I thought this was a mature application/devices, guess not?

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