Licenses completely disappeared from the cameras

I have a cam plus unlimited monthly plan .

My last notification was at 8 am and I wondered why I hadn’t gotten any notifications from my cameras of events.

I open the app and open my cameras and all of them no longer have Cam plus .

I go to serviced and the monthly plan with the 99 licenses is no longer their .

I went to the wyze services websites and I have an active cam plus unlimited plan but they are not showing up on my app…

Wtf wyze .

So your Services \ CamPlus tab is completely blank?

What App Version?

My services tab in the app no longer shows the cam plus unlimited plan that I have.

In the app it doesn’t show the plan but in the website it shows as active….

2.37.1 (1)

On the phone with support and they don’t seem to be of any help either…

Weird ugh

Support didn’t offer no help . After being on hold constantly , I was told that support would be reach out to me via Email.

Ugh this is frustrating.

I need cam plus on all of my licenses !

With the online web account showing it is there, I would do the following if it were me:

Clear Cache
Log out
Close App
Force close

If it still didn’t work, I would uninstall and reinstall the app.

If that fails, it’s definitely a glitch on the subscription servers and something that needs escalated.

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Have heard of this before. I recommend you log out of the app. Not just close it. Log out, restart you phone and log in again. If like the other guy’s, the license will show up again.


Well good evening folks

So I just checked and the payment information saved should’ve been charged by now but I hadn’t seen any recent transactions on the card so I just canceled the current plan and subscribed to another unlimited plan .

Boom, fixed it and the unlimited plan popped up and all of my cameras are now back on cam plus !

Thanks for the help and input as always .

Have a good day and happy thanksgiving :slight_smile:

@SlabSlayer @Sam_Bam

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Certainly NOT the solution I would have recommended.

With the recent transition of Wyze Subscription Services to a new processing and tracking platform, Wyze no longer offers any refunds for any unused part of a cancelled subscription. The days of prorated refunds are gone.

In doing this, you run the risk of being charged for both subscriptions.

Good catch @Sam_Bam! Forgot the phone restart in my process!

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I was at the end of the billing cycle and I cancelled the plan and got another plan .

I didn’t have time to wait for support who doesn’t seem like they could help or wait til it fixed itself .

I already paid for the months plan before and just cancelled it .

Now I got another plan

If all goes wrong , I’ll be out of $10 … which is fine by me . I just needed cam plus immediately and didn’t have time to wait

Ah, you are on the monthly, not the annual.

Out of curiosity, did you get no solution from the steps above?

No, I tried all of the tips from both you and @Sam_Bam and still nothing

I honestly think I’ll be okay…

The end of the monthly cycle was tomorrow the 24th and my card should’ve been charged by then and I’m not sure why it hadn’t .

I’m assuming that since I hadn’t paid for next months , that the plan was put on hold thus not having cam plus on my cameras .

Called support today and although they tried helping, I was mostly on hold the entire time and asked simple questions like is your app up to date , what FW are your cameras using etc .

After giving them all of the info they requested I was put on another hold and told that they couldn’t offer any other help at this time but that they would reach out to me via email later … whatever that means

I tried everything you guys told me to try but to no suffice .

So I just went ahead and cancelled the plan as tomorrow was literally the last day of the monthly plan cycle

And went ahead and bought another monthly unlimited plan , as I seriously needed cam plus for my cameras. Im hoping this goes well…

I’m not sure I’ll be charged anything ?


Best of luck to ya.