Lens failing?

I believe some of the pixels on the lens is going out on one of my 4 cameras. The other 3 are fine. This 1 camera is also having issues converting the light during sunset or sunrise and it flashes pink. I have had these cameras for a few years- what is the lifespan for each camera? Has anyone else had these issues and how did you fix it?

There is an IR filter inside the lens driven by a small solenoid which moves on/off of the lens during the transition from night to day vision. There is also a small round very fragile glass disc over the lens inside. Purpose unknown to me but it can get foggy over time.
If you are handy, don’t mind some time, have steady hands and are out of warranty it’s not to difficult to open it up, clean that disc and even replace the lens. There are threads about this on this forum and some YouTube videos also.
For a quick maybe fix, try repeatedly switching night vision from on to off several times. That should force the filter to move and might free it up. Caveat- on an older cam it could also jam it.
Sorry- I have no better ideas🙁

You mean some pixels on the CMOS sensor? That’s the electronic device that captures the image that the lens focuses on it. The lens is just multiple glass elements. I know that intense light such as lasers
Or maybe even direct view of the sun may damage the CMOS and cause dead pixels. Do you have some pictures you can post of these for us? If it is dead pixels, that is a damaged component and if you can mentally handle the dots fine, if you can’t then it’ll need replacement.

Edit/ changed references of CCD to CMOS…

Actually it’s a CMOS sensor. :wink:

This did inspire me to find a nice little article about some of the differences.


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Yep, the pink color is from the IR filter switching in/out. If it gets stuck, the solenoid can be released by moving a magnet across side of the camera.

You might try changing the angle of the camera in relation to the sun or that which is reflecting sunlight, like a window. Look for new construction or a tree that was cut down in the field of view.
We are only couple dozed days from equinox (09/22/2020) so it may clear up on its own and occur only couple periods per year.

Whoops! :slight_smile: References to the latter changed and noted for auditing purposes. :metal:


Good thing, too. The last buy date for all ON Semiconductor CCD sensors was Mar 18 2020.

The sensor could also be damaged to have the pink color. OP won’t know until they open it up and look.