Lennox heat pump heat coming on in “cool” mode

Hello all,

I have a Lenox heat pump with aux heat. I have an orange wire on OB, as it was on my nest. I have my white on w1, a dark green on w2, as it was on heat, red wire to RC (I’m not sure if it was on Rh or Rc on nest). I have a brown wire going to Y1 but I believe it was on * on last system. Light green on C.

With that setup the fan works when it should but heat is coming on during cooling mode. I can post pics if you guys need. Thanks.

Settings>advanced>swap hot and cold.

Your wire colors sound non-standard. There is typically only one green wire in a thermostat bundle. Pictures of both the air handler and thermostat would be helpful if swap hot and cold doesn’t fix the problem.

It is a real pain to get pics of air handler

The swap heat cool setting did not fix it

I need images of where these wires go on the air handler side to make sense of what’s happening at the thermostat side.

If I had to guess, I’d say that either W1 or W2 got swapped with G or Y1, or that C is actually connected to a W terminal on the air handler. It’s impossible to tell from just one side of the wiring though, without doing process of elimination - unplug all Y, G and W wires and then energize them one at a time until you figure out which is which.

When G is connected to Rc, the blower fan inside should turn on and blow room temperature air.
When W1 or W2 is connected to Rc while G is also connected to Rc, the system should blow hot air.
When Y and G is connected to Rc, you should hear the outside compressor and fan turn on, and the indoor blower fan should blow either cool or warm air.
When Y and G and O/B is connected to Rc, you should hear the outside compressor and fan turn on, and the indoor blower fan should blow the opposite temperature air that it blew when O/B was not connected.

Note that connecting the wrong wires can blow a fuse or destroy your transformer if you do not have a fuse. It would be much easier and safer to troubleshoot from pictures.

Please tell me that’s enough info

I don’t see the brown wire that you have attached to Y on your wyze anywhere in those images.
There is at least 3 different bundles of wires coming in, can you do a close up on the one that has the orange wire coming out of it? if possible, rearrange the wires so that I can clearly see where each of the wires that come out of that bundle go.

Do you have a photo of your previous thermostat’s wiring?

I had one but lost it. Let me get more pics

Can you take a picture of the heat pump wiring? I’m starting to see the wiring issue, but can’t tell you how it should be wired without knowing which wires are connected where in the heat pump.

Where is the heat pump wiring

Wherever your heat pump is. Usually they’re outside. make sure the disconnect is pulled and take off the access panel.

At your thermostat:

The wire that is currently attached to W2 is Y1
The wire that is currently attached to Y1 is W2

The green wire that is not attached to anything in the heat pump should be capped off so that it cannot short against anything- it is live when stage 2 heat is on.

That did not fix it

What are the symptoms? Same? Did you swap hot and cool to make sure?

I tried swap hot and cool both ways. Outside unit not coming on

Actually outside unit is on just not compressor I guess

Compressor can have a delay in kicking on, or your start cap might be going bad- You did remember to plug back in the disconnect switch after taking those pictures, right?
It’s hard to tell the exact colors of the wires, but I’m pretty sure that the greenish gray looking wire in this image that is wire-nutted to that white wire is actually that off color green wire at the thermostat, and it is connected to Y at the heat pump.