Left the beta program due to so many issues and now new problems V2

Removed app, left beta and reinstalled regular app. Now still have mutli-window detection still shows on app (camera still has beta firmware, perhaps?) Still someone walks by outside (way outside) of detection zone and triggers motion, and cars driving by also trigger motion. The actual zone (front door) has no trigger at all. Help?

Open the cam
Select settings
Select device info
Select firmware version
Select “Have Problem?”
Click on Revert next to one to revert back to an earlier firmware.

If the one you picked doesn’t resolve it, follow the same steps and try a different one after that.

Let us know if that resolves it.

It’s weird some people are having issues with the grid. It’s worked perfectly for me on every camera…I wonder what the difference is.

Thanx fella! locked up the app but now old style detection zone (sad) but it works now (glad!)

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