LEDs pulsating

Was watching my Wyze cams just now. The one in question is a v3.

I have attached a short video showing my gazebo lights pulsating. They will come on for about 2 seconds and stay off for about 2 seconds. The thing is, I can sit right by the LEDs and they are on solid. I am watching them pulse on my iPad yet they are not pulsing.

Is this something to do with synchronization of the wavelength of the LED and the frame rate of the camera?

If you zoom in and look closely, there seems to be a shade effect when they turn off.

Cam works great otherwise.

I can pretty well tell you what is going on. Since you mentioned that your gazebo lights are LED. They really are pulsing - but not the way it shows on the camera. They are most likely pulsing at either 30 or 60 pulses per second. The camera frame rate is just slightly different so when the camera samples light, it is rolling in and out of sync with the pulses of light from the LED light. Not much you can do about it other than replace the LED lights with lights that don’t have as much of a pulsing. Some LED lights are far worse than others. The human eye is slow enough that we don’t see the pulses (unless it a REALLY bad LED light.
For a similar effect, point the camera at a TV (particularly an old analog TV).


Here’s a good video I found after a search on the tube.


So it is like the old days when you watched a TV on the TV and there was a black bar that rolled up the screen? It doesn’t bother me, just never noticed it before. Yep, they are cheap LEDs but they look nice.

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That’s it…

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