Latest update

I updated 1 of 3 cameras and the one is not functioning like it was. Majority are false detections, moves by itself, when it changes over from night to day sends an alarm. The other 2 cameras still work fine without the update.
Anyone else having same problem? It’s so bad considering of abandon Wyze completely. Especially if future updates cause same problems,

Welcome to the Forum @nerradb, and sorry you are having issues.
First thing I would suggest is to check all of your motion and video settings to make sure they have not changed. Sometimes Firmware updates will change cam settings.
If they are not changed, you could experiment with changing them to less sensitive settings. FW updates do alter the way the cams work- that’s after all, what they are for!
Failing that I would suggest Power Cycling the cam giving you problems.
Hope this helps!


just to add to this, what product exactly are you using? from your description i suspect your talking about the Pan cam, but it might be helpful to be as specific as possible when asking questions like this.

Yes it’s the pan and I tried resetting the detection and both are set to 1 (previously it was set to 6movement and 4 sound) and it still moves by itself that creates an alarm and most are false alarms or alarms that the previous firmware knew to ignore since it was not in the detection zone. This thing is moving by itself and that creates an alarm and it’s detecting minuscule movement outside the zone and sending alarms. The other pan is not doing it, older firmware and the stationary at my front door is not doing it, again old firmware.