Latest update - Vac can't do an area clean

Vac FW: 1.6.113, App: 2.30.1 (10)

Latest update seems to have caused some problems with area cleaning. Apart from the fact that every update seems to reset my carefully crafted maps and I have to quickmap - I no longer seem to be able to direct an area cleaning to one of the larger rooms where the vac needs to travel to.

I have 4 rooms on a single level… 3 of which are adjacent to the home base. I can clean these.

The 4th larger room (the living/dining room) requires the vac to navigate the hall (a room on the map).
Now, while the vac WILL get to the 4th room and start a cleaning cycle - it only goes a bit around the perimeter and decides it’s done before returning to charge.

Even picking the vac up, and placing it in the room only results in a small area being cleaned before it goes home.

I have another vac upstairs, and it does something similar… I just can’t get it to go to a particular room. It just refuses.

Anyone else seeing any new issues with this update?