Latest firmware update.. .64 problem

Night vision on original V2 has significantly deteriorated with the latest firmware update. When turned on or set to auto, for a couple of seconds the image is great but adjusts to darker image.

Can you post a sample picture?

Unable to upload video. Choose file botton from toolbar is inactive.

@Krjune… I think your forum trust level has been upgraded since you last posted. Can you please try again and let me know if you still can’t upload to the forum.

Looks like once the IR leds have warmed up so to speak they are bouncying off the bottom ledge look at the end of the video at the 13 second mark where the green box is that part.

I had the same issue a while ago and had to adjust the camera do the IR’s didnt bounce back so close.

Thank you. It was the reflection off the table that the camera’s IR was compensating for.


No Problem Glad to been able to help!