Latest firmware bricked Wyze Cam

The latest firmware update for my Wyze Cam v2 totally bricked the device.

I have gone back and manually flashed with the previous firmware and completed setup again. The cam then works briefly then simply disconnects after a few seconds of streaming. Try it again and the same thing happens.

I am in the UK and bought from in December last year. The support window on Amazon closed at the beginning of July. Would I have any warranty options available to me?

@REUK Welcome to the Wyze community!

Unfortunately, you will not have a warranty option outside the United States. Warranty information is posted in the link below.


I know the device is not “officially” sold outside of the U.S. and Canada so wasn’t expecting a right to anything, but it’s really disappointing the device has been bricked by Wyze and there’s no recourse.

I understand your frustration and I wish I had better news for you. So that you will know, I don’t work for Wyze. This is a user to user forum and I’m just a user like yourself.

I would recommend reflashing the FW on the cam again and maybe try a different FW version this time.

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