Latest Customer Survey


So I get an email asking me to take a survey and enter to win a 100 bucks. Sure, why not, right?

After a few minutes of my time answering standard customer survey questions you would expect from a tech company I get the following question…

Do you own any firearms? Yes or No. I try and just skip the question but it requires an answer.

I ended the survey.

Why is that even a question? And why not a prefer not to answer option?

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Completely agree. Sorry. I’m a happy Wyze customer but will not finish this survey. Hit the same part of the survey. Questions about firearms that must be answered are not acceptable. Period.

Hello Wyze? Can we (your customers) have an answer?

A majority of the survey is dedicated to the idea of a smart gun safe. If you didn’t feel comfortable to answer you of course don’t have to. But not answering that question would make most of the survey not useful to you or Wyze.