Latest App Update(s) a Bust! - Addendum

I couldn’t. I tried and the app wouldn’t even show a list of devices to choose from.

Can’t view your .bmp pic. No permission for your Google drive.

There wasn’t much to see. The thing is, the page that normally opens with your cams already populated, didn’t. Only a fairly blank page with one significant message: “+ Add new device” in the center of the page came up. No sign-in either - a dead page. I stopped there when my other self taped me on the shoulder & said: “Leave well enough alone.” I went back to ver 2.12.33 . All this by the way, was done on my unaltered Fire HD 10 Gen 7

That’s what mine looked like too.,

We “Android Heads” are definitely not alone. Just take a look around the forum. It really doesn’t matter if you’re using Android, iOS, the Wyze app, or TinyCam, There are issues with Wyze; so just count your blessings if your system works well most of the time. If you run an update (software or firmware) and things go sideways, just go back to your previous “almost perfectly” working app or firmware, and call it a day. Life is too short to stress over these issues. BTW, I recently viewed a very well made real-world comparison video that judged the eufy Cam 2C as the best outdoor (IP67 rated) camera value when pitted against several other makes. The least expensive is a 2 Cam w/base system that cost a couple hundred bucks, but I’m seriously considering using my yearly cookie jar money to get one as a Christmas gift to myself this year to supplement my single hardwired NVR based cam. WyzeCam is kind of like having a trained guard dog that has occasional bouts of narcolepsy.

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I have lots of Issues with Google Play Store but not Wyze. Also Google, Amazon and Apple do not play nice with each others. They are all greedy.

Google updated their PSApp 6 months ago. Google wrote in to ignore prefer storage for coming target :29.
New version of Android has Storage management unlike my tablet in older Android. PS will keep trying download , crash your wifi, then crash whole device to reboot.

If you have trouble, try set your prefer App storage to internal instead of SD card.

Google play Store App itself is crap. They updates your apps itself even it is set to “do not update”. so if tHere is a problem to boot.