Latest app changes don't handle "lost connection" well

Latest (or recent) app updates have caused app to poorly handle lost connections.

For example, on the full-screen (landscape) view, due to a weak network signal, the message sometimes appears: “Your device has lost its connection… please check your internet connection or try moving the device closer to the router.”… and there is a “recycle” (circular arrow) button below that. This is as-expected except that the button is non-functional.

At times, when that message appears (full-screen landscape), touching the screen will cause the “< DeviceName” image to appear at upper left (as it should), but (again) touching that “< DeviceName” is not functional.

After lost connection, it is almost_always difficult to find a way to cause the app to try again.

Someimes a non-connected device will appear in the camera group page in normal brightness (indicating a good connection) but it is an old snapshot and the camera is not reachable.

Until recently, the handling of disconnectted devices was MUCH better than it is now. It was almost automatic-seeming before, now it is an effort - and sometimes the only way to retry is to close the app (force-close) and start it again.

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Huh. With Android, tapping the ‘Recents’ icon twice (shrinking and restoring the app window) at a leisurely pace causes the cams to refresh their connections unless the app itself is frozen.*

Does changing focus to another open app - then back to the Wyze app - cause the connection refresh attempt you’re looking for in :green_apple:-ville? :slight_smile:

* If it’s the only window/app open. If more than one, tapping Recents then Wyze app window does it.

Maybe the problem is your WiFi network. And fixing it i.e., working on improving signal strength and reducing range from router to cameras would resolve the issue so the app would appear to behave better.

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Not the case. Here’s what I did to prove that: I took a camera that is very near to our router, and always gives good signal, disconnected it. I ran the app and it of course said the cam was offline. The “refresh” button (my term) was inoperative. I plugged the cam back in, waited ffor the lights to indicate that it had connected. Nothing I could do in the app, short of force-close, would regain that signal. Also, when moving from the camera group view to the individual camera view, it would look like it was trying to connect for about a 1-3 seconds, then would go to “deveice is offline,” with no offer of refresh. (BTW: I prefer ‘no offer’ to an offer that’s just symbolic…) but after force close, all was well.

Thanks for the reply. Loss of focus does not seem to make the app behave better. Before, it seemed it was similar to what you describe for android. Now it just gives up.

Oh, and I don’t know what ‘before’ technically means, sorry, I use this app maybe once a week, and can go weeks without using it at all. I can only say it’s been a while.

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