Landscape View For Tablets

This is, and continues to be, incredibly annoying. Wyze could hire someone off Fiver to code this for goodness sakes.


Posted to the April Fool Fix It Friday, regarding the missing back button.
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Hi All,
Upgraded from Samsung S7 FE to an S8 Ultra tablet. Now Wyze App crashes immediately when trying to view a camera when in Landscape mode, where on the S7 FE it would at least work for that.

Now when in Portrait mode with the S8 Ultra tablet I can view the camera but when I click upper right corner to expand the view the App crashes. This did not happen on the S7 FE tablet.

Quick screen recording of what happens. Slowed down the actual crashing part to see it better.

Part 1: Wyze App immediately crashing when attempting to view a camera if tablet is in Horizontal/Landscape mode.
Part 2: Wyze App crashing when displaying a camera in Portrait mode and clicking to expand view which should fill screen allowing you to rotate tablet to see large image.
Tablet: Samsung S8 Ultra
Android Version: 12
One UI Version: 4.1


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On my Samsung Tablet I frequently look at groups of cameras in the landscape orientation. I typically mount the tablet in landscape and view groups of cameras.

Pressing the ‘back’ navigation button causes the view to switch back to portrait rather than going back to the camera/group select view. It then automatically switches back to landscape, making the back button worthless. i.e., if I press it slowly, it goes in circles.

I want pressing ‘back’ to go up one menu (to select a different group) without any need to change my tablet’s orientation to portrait first; seems like this should be the expected behavior.

Weird. On my Samsung tablet if in landscape position a group view doesn’t work at all. It just blinks one cam up in a compressed view for a second then crashes back to the cam/group selection screen, but i don’t need to rotate the tablet. (See my video above as it works the same for v3 cams)

Also either i missed this before or some update changed it:
When i click on a v2 cam it will show a correct full screen landscape image and the back button will take it back to the selection screen but not smoothly, more of a crash back. When i click on a v3 cam (and a group v2, v3 or mixed group) it will show the quick compressed image then crash back to the cam/group selection screen.
I have 27 Wyze cams so it is a bit depressing to not be able to have this work correctly.

I wonder what exciting new unneeded product they will be coming out with next? :smirk:

It’s not Wyze… Samsung keeps playing with the mechanics of display settings in One UI on top of Android. See if you can access the following: Android settings > Advanced features > Labs > Show apps in landscape > Wyze > select “App default”


Well i’ll be darned. Selecting “app default” still had the select cam screen coming up sideways but selecting “full screen” makes everything work correctly.
I’ll have to test this on my S7 FE tablet as well.
Only one thing i’m not sure of is groups. They work in landscape but i have to scroll down to see them instead of being 4 on a screen. Is this normal? I haven’t really used groups much so don’t remember.

Thanks so much for sharing this i appreciate it.

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I have 6 Samsung tablets all running different versions of Samsung’s One UI. All are working well displaying 4-cam groups in landscape orientation with the UI set to “App default”, but none are running One UI 4.1 so you may have different results.

The biggest problem is that the next Samsung OTA may change what we’re doing here… again. :expressionless:


Good to know ‘seapup’, thanks.

More testing:
If i bring up Wyse app with tablet in portrait position clicking on a group then rotating the tablet into landscape position will display the group with 4 cams on the screen. Sometimes it takes 2 rotations to get it to work. Of course “back button” does not work as the OP mentioned.

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I just leave my orientation set to Auto with tablet physically in landscape (on its side), start the Wyze app (home page displayed sideways-portrait), tap a group. It briefly displays a column of cam streams in portrait and switches to proper landscape 4-cam view.

To get back to the home screen in landscape, swipe up or down from the edge (outside the group view) so the Android buttons display, tap the back button and then quickly tap the back button again. 2nd back button is displayed in sideways-portrait view so you need to anticipate where the 2nd button push will be located. Annoying… yes. But a stopgap until Wyze properly implements landscape view for tablets.


Tested all that and works the same on my tablet.
As I don’t use groups much I’ll just leave it in Full Screen.
Thanks again.

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I can’t do it (my and my device’s problem) but great get for the nimble! :+1: :grin:

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And the question of the decade… when will Wyze properly implement landscape mode for iPads and Android Tablets…



I used to be able to use groups of camera’s in landscape on my galaxy tab 7+ but now it starts to load a squished and then boots out to the list. I wish this would get fixed. Groups would be a great way to see multiple camera’s in one view on a tablet.

Take a look at “seapup’s” & my last few posts above. The info from “seapup” mostly fixed my issues on my S7 FE & S8 Ultra.

Ohhh lordy… This is so funny… Baaahahahahahah… Good one :+1:

No worries…the new toothbrush works in landscape orientation!

And here we go again. Over three years later we still hear the oh my this is going to be so hard to do because we coded the original app wrong in the first place. And then there was the whole virus thing. We still talk about it in our planning meetings and then we laugh and laugh some more. Honestly, there is a project board with post-it notes on it but, the landscape mode post-it sticky all dried up and it fell on the floor and no-one wants to pick it up. Then we talk about vacuums, lamps, fans, scales, v2, v3, v4 of all other products. Honestly, though, we have plans, lots of plans just not sure where landscape mode fits in to the big picture. You know, the picture of happy and loyal customers.

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The MxM app didn’t support landscape mode when it was released. Less than a month later the last update supported landscape. I got an email from them responding to my suggestion for landscape at the time the update.

The MxM app is not as complex as Wyze app, but just saying…

Another Monday, and another day without landscape on my iPad.