Lamp sockets

All 3 of my lamp sockets somehow got linked together. That is not how they were initially set up. I want to unlink one from the group. How do I do that now.

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I called customer support and they immediately emailed me back with the simple solution to unlinking the Wyze Lamp Sockets……

To Unlink Sockets, simply turn power off to one socket for about 30 seconds and turn back on.

The sockets will now be unlinked.

Thank you for being a part of Wyze!

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That sure doesn’t help when you’re managing them remotely. Guess I will ask support for another solution. I updated the firmware and it linked itself. Not how it should work probably. I wouldn’t update these unless I was onsite from now on.

update: currently no other option but to power cycle or remove and reinstall. Hopefully they update later, because that’s not very cool for them to change your settings without asking.