Lamp Socket disappeared from device list

My lamp socket and V3 camera worked great for a few days. Now the socket just disappeared from the device list, and the camera no longer think it is connected to the socket. The camera is working fine.

I added an extension to move the camera maybe 10 feet away from the socket. Do you think the socket needs connection to the camera to be on the network? The camera is working fine on the network.

I re-setup the camera, try to add the socket etc but it is simply not there. The socket is supplying power to the camera so I assume it is ok.r


The camera must be attached to the socket and able to communicate. Did it work before you added the extension? The extension may be too long or isnt a data cable.


Yes, the extension USB cable must be a data-capable cable.


I did not know that – that it requires a full wired data connection. Now go look for one…

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