Lags and stoppage issues with new update in 360p

Noticed today that when changing from SD or HD to 360p that the app locks up and will lag and then crash. Has anyone noticed this effect? I have deleted and re-added app, reset the cam, checked router and both tablet and phone same issue. So have to leave cam in SD mode to get consistent feeds. Like the app and cam. They work well when not locking up. Have 32g memory chip in cam also. Any suggested would be helpful. Thanks in advance…UPDATE… seem to be fine if left in sd or hd no problems so far. Just cannot us 360p mode…

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Just tried this without issues. Which camera is this with?

Omg. I had so much lag and then I changed to SD from 360 and the lag went away. Why? Seems like it should be the other way around

Same. Latest Android App, v2 Cam FW (and prior version). App constantly hanging viewing cams on 360p, very bummed. Accidentally discovered the “fix” by switching to SD or HD. If this isn’t already submitted as a bugfix request… it really should be!

Just got two of the cams and that’s what drove me to the forums, same issue. Going to 360 is horrid. Takes a bit of doing to nurse it back to SD. And restart the app (android). Pretty much unusable in 360.