Lagging third party apps

I would like to see a fix for third party apps like Blue Stacks. As it lags behind several seconds when running Wyze app on a laptop.

Welcome to the Wyze community gearyparsons. BlueStacks is a notrious resource hog and lagging is a known issue. I approved your wishlist request in hopes that Wyze may be able to tune some aspect of the interface in order improve performance.

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I would also like to see this. The reason I use the app on bluestacks is so I can have a dedicated computer monitor up at all times while I am upstairs to keep an eye on a sick family member. At current there is about a ~30s time delay that builds up over the first few minutes of the app (and I have maximized the bluestack’s performance as far as it will go). I would like if there was a way to close this gap as small as possible, even at the expense of losing frames. In my case anyway, I don’t use this for recording, but for real time monitoring, so frame loss is a non issue for me.