Keypad says incorrect pin but it’s the right pin…?

Whenever I go to disarm my system the keypad says incorrect pin .

I have to do this twice , it’ll say incorrect pin 2 times and then on the third attempt of me putting in the same PIN code it’ll disarm it…

The keypad is running

And the sense hub is running

Do you hit Disarm first, then enter the code and hit the checkmark?

Has it always done this?


I enter the PIN code first , hit Disarm, and then click on the check mark.

Am I supposed to click on disarm first and then enter the code ?

Not sure , this is how I’ve always done it . Pin first , hit disarm and then check mark

The first few days this is how I did it , and then I started getting “incorrect PIN code” promote from the keypad all of a sudden…

I don’t know for sure how we’re “SUPPOSED TO” do it, but I’m pretty sure I always hit Disarm first, then the 4 digit code, then the check mark.

Maybe try that sequence and see if it works on the first time for you? Let me know if it is better that way.

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Yes this worked!

Idk why my brain thought to put in the code first and then set the mode

Pressing the mode and then entering the PIN code makes much more sense!

Thanks as always Carver

Have a good evening my friend :slight_smile: