Keyboard "search" button doesn't work on share screen

When in a camera’s settings, under share->share with a new user, after typing in a valid email address, tapping the “search” key in the lower right corner of the keyboard does nothing. I emailed a screen recording to support and they suggested trying the magnifying glass icon inside the text field (which I’m not in the habit of using in any interface) and that worked. So obviously, there’s a bug. The search button in the keyboard should work. The support person agreed and suggested I post this bug here.

iPhone 6S
iOS 13.3.1
Wyze app V2.9.24

I tried adding the bug tag to this post, but seem to be unable to add that tag.

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Thanks for letting us know! I’ll share this with the team. Could you please give me your support ticket number?

Sorry. I never was notified about your reply. I looked up the ticket in my email: 498339. Better late than never.