Keep the screen on during firmware upate

I’m on Android running the beta app (though it’s happened months ago outside of beta, too). If my screen turns off during a firmware update, it inevitably says that the firmware “upgrade failed”. However, when I check back later, the firmware update had applied.

This was alarming for someone that hadn’t seen it before. The icon is a emoji with eyes crossed out, which led me to think the camera may be bricked. Perhaps the screen turning off loses the connection to the camera and it only thinks it failed? Regardless, this is a problem.

Consider this topic

  • a feature request to force keeping the screen on when a firmware update is happening, OR
  • a bug report to stop it from “failing” when the screen goes off. If the connection is simply lost and you can’t confirm that it actually failed, perhaps say that and suggest people wait 5 minutes instead of showing an alarming dead emoji.
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Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you file a support request including the log files to be sure Wyze is aware of it.

Thanks @Loki. Is this still the right place for feature requests?

No, it’s not. For feature requests, please hop over to #roadmap. When you get there, please search for the feature to see if it’s already there. If you find it, you can vote for it by clicking the VOTE button at the top. Most newly submitted #roadmap requests lately turn out to already be there.

If you don’t find it, then you can submit a new topic for the #roadmap category.

Strange. When I first created this topic #ask-the-community was the only option on the dropdown. Now I see #roadmap, but I it won’t let me change it. Is that something you can do?

I’d prefer that you treat this as a bug for now by filling a support request. If that doesn’t get resolved to your satisfaction, then come back and submit a feature request.

Moving and exist topic to #roadmap must be done by a moderator. Or you can submit a new topic in #roadmap, which will need to be approved by a moderator.

Which brings up the question - Loki, you are listed as a Forum Moderator. Is there another level of moderator required to do such an action?

No, I can do it. But David started this topic saying it’s either a feature request or a bug report. My guess is the screen turning off is not supposed to kill a firmware update and therefore we should treat it as a bug report for now. The first step in that process will be to submit a support request.

This bug has been happening for a long time… I guess no one has submitted a ticket for it yet? I usually just check my firmware after it says it failed and see that I’m on the latest one. It would be nice to get it fixed though.