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Hi team,
I have thought of a really useful application for your scales that allows you to sell four times as much per customer using the same hardware with only an update to the app. Saving your customers a minimum of 75% using your products
Application: the weighing and balancing of karts
The user would need four scales, one for each wheel. You lift the kart onto the scales placing each wheel on its own scale. FL, FR, RL, RR
The system would provide:
Continuous monitoring with the ability to save or lock in a weight configuration
Weight on each scale
Total weight
Balance (% front vs rear and % left vs right)
FYI : the heaviest kart and driver configuration (total) is 365lbs so your scales can handle the weight easily

Interesting concept. :+1:

Please define “kart” and “kart and driver configuration” in the context of your request.

Also, please realize that the surface of all Wyze scales are composed of tempered glass. What is the outermost material of the “wheel” and what is the approximate contact surface area of a single wheel?

Perhaps an external link to the kart sport and its rules would be useful?

Hey Seapup!
It’s a go kart (see attached).
Kart and driver means when you weigh the kart with the driver in it, the total weight (365 lbs) divided over the four scales would be under 100lbs per scale.
The wheels are rubber (like on your car) and the contact surface would be smaller than a foot (see attached video).
Your solution is not limited to this purpose, anyone who needs to weigh odd shapes like a table with four legs that can’t fit on a single scale, can buy more than one scale. Link them and get total weight.
Please reach out if you have any questions!
Kind regards,

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Thank you for the clarification and photo! :+1:

Your idea would work with Wyze scales with some app development. Just need to make sure pebbles aren’t stuck to the tires.

Hey Seapup, it seems the video was too large to upload.See attached a photo of the tire footprint.

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