Just updated my camera firmware!

Yep. Just updated the firmware for some of my cameras. Yep. Now the won’t stay connected. But… this is not a surprise to me. Happens with just about every update, It’s a Wyze thing, I guess. In a few days, they’ll work again… perhaps.

Anybody know of a wifi camera that has NO ECOSYSTEM? By that I mean, no other associated appliances (Locks, gun safes, vacuum cleaners, etc). I just want CAMERAS. Cameras that stay connected.

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…Anybody know of a wifi camera that has NO ECOSYSTEM? By that I mean, no other associated appliances (Locks, gun safes, vacuum cleaners, etc). I just want CAMERAS…


Thank you!

so updated by cam at my the lake…now offline and it’s 100 miles away…i like wyze but sometimes they are absolutely worthless…

Oh, I’m sure there’s a “team” working on this issue. Ready-Fire-Aim.

After the latest firmware update, I have 3 cameras that won’t stay connected and one I had to “delete” and add back in. Very convenient. I have nothing better to do.

Just wait until those new Roku Camera buyers get a load of what they just bought – old Wyze cameras with an app that won’t stay open on an Android phone.

Been there, done that - except it was over 200 miles. :unamused:

You should plug in remote cameras to a smart plug so you can remotely reboot the said cameras.

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Preferably NOT a Wyze plug.

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That goes without saying :wink: You don’r want all your eggs in the same basket :rofl:

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For what it’s worth, I’ve had 4 wyze plugs (2021) on wyze cameras in my dad’s house for nearly a year. They are working flawlessly and have been since I installed them.

I don’t doubt that, but if Wyze servers go down for whatever reason, you loose connection to both, cams and plugs.

I also have had no problems with my Wyze plugs.

I have 10 Wyze 2021 indoor plugs and 3 Wyze outdoor plugs, purchased at various times over the last year.

I also have had no problems with them (other than getting the firmware updated during setup, and if you do the setup carefully, you can get the firmware update to work). Some are using local schedules, and some are using rules, some set to turn on at sunset and turn off at a specific time several hours later, and others set to turn on and off at specific times.

Other than the initial firmware update, the only problem is that local schedules run 1 day later than the schedule is set for - this is only a problem if you use a schedule that is set for specific days of the week, rather than every day of the week. There was a firmware update about 1 month ago that fixed this issue for the outdoor plugs, and there is a firmware fix for this issue for the indoor plugs that is now in beta test. In the mean time, my schedules either run every day of the week, or I mentally compensate and set the schedules for the day before - its a temporary kludge, but it works.

I’m not saying that some people might not have issues, but I’m not one of those people. I am 3000 miles away from where they are installed, and I have had no issues.

Well, along the lines of FWIW I had 4 Wyze plugs of which 3 failed within 6 months (as in dead as a doornail) this after all 4 being flakey insofar as following rules (possible app issue?). The 4th became the target of a 16-ounce carpenters hammer - quite satisfying from a personal perspective.

Replacement plugs from a different manufacturer have been faultless since getting them.

To each their own. I have 8 TP-Link Kasa HS103. No issue, none, nada, zilch. Schedules run as intended, haven’t done any firmware updates as TP-Link hasn’t released one in over a year. Rock solid.