Just installed system yesterday and today not working

I just installed my system on yesterday and today my internet goes out and now I can’t get it back online and support has nothing to tell me. I bought the system for protection and now I have to go unprotected tonight. But I see a lot of hub problems noted on here. I guess I should have read this prior to purchasing. I need to send this back…I can’t deal with this.

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Well I found someone that said they connected it to WiFi and it worked. So that did work but why didn’t support ask me to do that in my troubleshooting with them. Instead they wanted to send me an email while my system remained offline all night. Oh boy! I think I am in for a ride with this one.

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Hello @kimjaywiggins and welcome to the community

I am sorry I am just getting to this andI am glad you got the issue resolved. Were you given a ticket number when you talked to support so I can look into it and maybe get some coaching done?