Just had 2 more wyzecam die on me.

Bringing the total to two pan and one ver. 2.
One of them still says “ready to connect” but will not read the code off my phone.


Are they just like that?

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Are you sure you removed the little piece of film that covers the lens in shipping?

They’ve been working fine for a couple of months. They are not brand new camera.

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All I can suggest is to try to change lighting conditions and vary the distance and angle from camera to phone. If that doesn’t work, you should file a support ticket.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the useless new update killed them.

Useless update? You mean like being able to schedule everything now? The new tasks and scheduling feature is awesome. Not sure how that’s useless, but someone always has to complain I guess.

How about not being able to access video clips? Even after emptying cache? Even after rebooting? Even after unplugging? Now having to go to each of my 5 cameras to reflash with a previous firmware? I guess not everyone can be perfect like you.

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