Just got the new Flood light.... welp. Kinda not impressed

Replaced my existing Flood light with this. App shows it as cam V3. There is no access to PIR sensor. Like can’t make a rule… if PIR motion detected all cameras record. Looks like only way that can be done with this, is video motion from camera… THAT IS WORTHLESS. Have to go thru menus to find adjust brightness, turn light on to leave it on… The Light should be primary, camera secondary. I don’t see why I want a PIR sensor with no access to it. Maybe I am missing something. but out of the gate, this product fails to impress. Glad I got it at Home depo and not wating on the pre order. Could just get a $20 motion light and a socket thing $30 you will have the same thing.

The PIR only works when its dark from what i can tell, so no way you will know anything is going on in day time. (video motion dection outside is a joke)

You may want to visit the clickable BLUE link below for more info.
Introducing Wyze Cam Floodlight! - 11/9/21

Wyze being the usual Un-Wyze has not released the Software App yet, and Blames Home Depot for early release. Read the post in link above and hold your breath for the new App update…

I seen the advertisement for the light, why I got it. I doubt they “Wyze” will fix this. Seems there is a up sell to their 24 hour security system. Like I had a Wyze sense. They don’t sell that anymore. Now if you want a Wyze PIR sensor its only in the kit for the monthly subscription security system. THAT I WILL NEVER BUY. for a few bucks more I can get a real system, on a cell network if I want that kinda security.

The app installed the Floodlight. I do have the beta app. at the moment, this is just an over priced camera bracket and power supply

I hear you on the POS Wyze Home Security system, it can be jammed easily with a cheap WiFi Jammer available on the internet.

I did a self installed Ademco/Honeywell System years before Wyze came out and it has multi-path comms so basically it is 99.9% unjamm-able and the cost per month is not that much more than the Wyze Home Security Sytem monitoring service, Plus they offer a multitude of sensory devices to add to system. My system has over 80 sensory devices…

I am only a Wyze Cam fan and only the V2, V3 and Pan-Cams ONLY

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