Just a couple features that would be AWESOME in my opinion

Loving my cameras so far but I have a few suggestions…

  1. It needs a zoom in on what’s causing the motion when recording motion. Also add follow/track when object is moving.

  2. It needs a motion detection area.

  3. When manually recording you should be able to zoom in while it’s recording and record the zoomed-in footage. This should also have a timestamp with the date. It disappears when you zoom in. The recording you get is zoomed out(regular view). This would also go for manual pic taking.

  4. Add 5ghz to connection

  5. If possible add the option to record longer videos manually to Cloud accounts Amazon drive, OneDrive, Google drive etc. If the account holder has a subscription to one.

  6. Widgets for each camera with the app

  7. Take a pic/still shot of what’s causing motion and email it to the account linked.


Again love my cameras but just ideas. Thank you WyzeCam

2, 4, 5 and 7 all sound like great ideas!!!

How about ONVIF compatibility. Would love to record to my DVR

would love to be able to put my camera inside my window looking at the front door specially at night but the night vision doesn’t work that well with current camera any future outdoor camera or improvement on night vision would be great

I put one of my wyzecams on a window facing the outside. A couple tips though, make sure the screen is flat against the glass. This helps with any glare. Keep night vision off (yeah i know, it defeats the purpose at night). Just have a small light outside so the camera can see without the night vision. I have a small fake tree with white lights and it is plenty of light for the camera to pick up the backdoor. Just a suggestion.

I agree with most of the suggestions. I know the price of the cameras would go up significantly (I would still purchase them!) if :
1 & 5 were added…
The emailing of video clips is definitely good, but also could become a bit of a headache. Ive had a camera system that had this functionality and quickly disabled the feature. All emails were being routed to an email addy I set up just for the feature but ended up not being worth it…
Although the camera can record snippets and save them directly onto the pre-installed SD card.

I would like to see a wider range of software implemented functions :
The option to set away, home, sleep, work…

I believe all of our suggestions are being closely watched and will be implemented in future products…

You heard it here first! lol

Another big improvement would be a battery operated cam to get rid off the cable. There is such a camera on the market, Netgear Arlo. It is a lot more money but some people, me included, would be willing to pay a little extra for that great convinience because it allows the mounting of the cam anywhere without regard to an electrical outlet.