I've seen the light - and was absolutely unable to have any wireless control over it, whatsoever

It’s just a marvel how versatile these Wyze wi-fi bulbs are, like the website that supports them. They both do everything… ALL WRONG. Like trying to connect them to your network. They won’t. In fact, they don’t even create the network SSID during pairing which the direction specify they will, not even close, but rather one, called something else. And if you’re astute enough to realize and select the right one, the device WILL finally then connect, according to your DHCP server status, and immediately go to work at doing nothing else, responding to nothing else, and making sure nothing else it does will disturb the tranquility of your disappointment at having been time-robbed, by it. And usually I get bored with having my time wasted, pretty quick. So I likewise can pretty quickly troubleshoot all problems technical, figure out what the flaw or error is, and what it should or was meant to have been, and affect an improvisation that gets the job done. Well, not with these babies. And that’s refreshing.

In a day and age when so many executive crap account managers peddling craptronics add insult to injury by making it readily apparent, exactly where, what, and how their product is defective, just by taking it out of the box and looking at it - like they almost don’t even care that it doesn’t give them nearly enough time to get out of town before you can chase them out - troubleshooting these nonsense bulbs, trying to get it to connect with your phone and network, reading through the posts of the blind leading the blind on its website. following and re-following the non-sequitur directions to the letter, or thanks to a software development team that couldn’t be bothered, standing in all manner of positions while balancing things upon my nose as the many posts here attest, as a fix… this wi-fi light bulb… the variety of ways it’ll destroy the notion of time management in your life… futility and frustration of ownership is a many splendid thing.

It really is NICE to see such good, old-fashioned incompetence that doesn’t get greedy about suckering you more than once or twice and is comfortable in its own skin… when it means at least breaking up the tediousness of the daily, non-stop-lying, treasonous, child molester endorsing, kind of incompetence expecting gratitude for itself and singing its own praises if it doesn’t get it. So, thanks for that.

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I have no idea what kind of word salad I just read, but holy cow!

By the way, my Wyze bulbs have been flawless along with being less expensive than others I have.

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Wowsa! Am guessing you got some bad bulbs or just plain bad joujou or something. Never even heard of the issues you had. Mine installed correctly thankfully.

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I have 12 bulbs with zero issues. All ran by either contact sensors or motion sensors. So I’m not sure what happened but I’m very fond of the bulbs myself.